Lavish Balm- 500 MG CBD

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Our Lavish Balm is a great topical, that will help take your pain away ! Now new and updated ! It is great for arthritis because CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, also it is great to apply to sore muscles and torn muscles. The suggested use is to apply topically 2 to 3 times a day or as much as needed. Our Lavish balm will act fast and you will feel the relief you are searching for ! It comes in a 4 oz container and has two natural essential oils in it . One being Lavender and the other is eucalyptus which both provide a wonderful sensation !

Active Ingredients: Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Hemp oil , 500 MG CBD
Inactive Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, & Lavender, & Eucalyptus Essential Oils.
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3 reviews for Lavish Balm- 500 MG CBD

  1. Althea (verified owner)

    this is the BEST salve I have tried so far. I love that there are only 4 ingredients in this (which means the CBD is really doing the heavy lifting). It melts into the skin without being greasy. This has been a huge help with my knee pain as well as the pain from the beginnings of a bunion. I have to buy another jar because my mom stole mine when she realized it helped her with her arthritis.

  2. Montana Hays Kelley (verified owner)

    Montana Hays Kelley- 3/5/2018
    And it helps with my severe illness!!!
    I know there’s a lot of knock-off oil’s on the market…. Look out for those only made from the hemp seed. Not the same!
    🙌🏼I used THIS product from this company and it worked! My forearm on my right side is the worst. I rubbed in in and in a few minutes there was relief. It worked so quickly can’t believe it. I want to bathe in it! I wont buy from any other company!!

  3. Sandy Wyatt

    Absolutely scrumptious! I love the creaminess of the balm and how smooth and silky it feels on my skin. It’s great for my sore back muscles after holding twins all day! And the essential lavender oil scent is luxurious and calming. Superb!

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